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Etched Septum Filter Inserts

An Ideal Application For Photo Chemical Machining, PCM, Is In The Microwave Industry LMDS WAVEGUIDE E-PLANE FILTER DESIGN Engineering design software and resources can be found at www.engineers.com E-FAB can help you with the manufacturing processes used in Septum Filter … Continue reading

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E-FAB 2006 Christmas Party

Everyone enjoyed themselves at the 2006 Christmas Party E-FAB 2006 Christmas Party A time to relax, have fun, enjoy the company, and have some great food. View the E-FAB Slide Show. E-FAB provides Photo Chemical Machining, Photo Etching, and Photochemical … Continue reading

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Large Format Photo Etched Antennas

JPL Antenna Element Pictured Below Is for a KA-Band Antenna Antenna element is one of 16 strips that JPL assembles into a 3.5 meter diameter Space Borne antenna system. E-FAB has developed a process by which tight tolerances can be … Continue reading

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Precision Mil Spec PCM Manufacturing & Fabrication

Precision Mil Spec PCM and Photo Chemical Etching E-FAB Precision Thin Metal Parts Manufacturing Sure we can do the simple etching and photo chemical machining fabrication, but our real strength lies in manufacturing close tolerance parts for a plethora of … Continue reading

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E-FAB News and PCM Information

Welcome to the launch of the new E-FAB Inc. news and information blog. From time to time, we will be bringing you updated photo chemical etching, machining, and milling information from us to you. From our E-fAB website, we hope … Continue reading

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