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E-FAB’s precision photo chemical machining (PCM), etching, milling, and micro machining processes, are excellent CNC machining alternatives for thin metal parts manufacturing. Read about the E-FAB PCM advantages.

E-FAB, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, provides precision manufacturing and fabrication using PCM & photo etching technologies, to build mil spec projects, hybrid circuits, and manufacturing of precision thin metal parts for all types of applications. Check out our formed micro bumps and micro switch contacts as an example of one of these special types of applications.

E-FAB has a wealth of information for engineers, buyers, and customers looking to build all types of various thin metal parts, flex circuits assemblies, and a plethora of widgets for a diverse number of industries. We invite you to browse and take a look inside today. Feel free to talk with our engineers about your special projects or get a quote on a job.

Pictured above are cavity backed spiral antenna assembly parts. E-FAB produces precision fine line machined parts using PCM, photo etching, and micro chemical milling processes. Are you looking for an antenna on a sculptured flex board? E-FAB Flex has the answers. Contact E-FAB sales & engineering for a antenna quote now.

The following is a brief overview about the E-FAB Photo chemical machining (PCM) processes. PCM photo etching, and chemical milling involves the exact removal of material from a thin metal sheet by various processes. The thin metal parts can then be formed (precisely bent with etched bend lines located at the exact desired bend locations on the metal) into a variety of complex shapes. Additionally, with E-FAB’s precision drilling and routing capabilities, we quickly provide additional manufacturing services and features in the way of micro holes, milled pockets, and drill and rout flex PCBs and thin metal parts and other customers’ widgets.

E-FAB PCM and the micro chemical milling processes can precisely etch lines and spaces on all types of metals, alloys, and on a number of composite materials with detailed accuracies. Alloys such as: Kovar, nickel, brass, beryllium, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and others are included for PCM fabrication by E-FAB.  The process is also used for manufacturing and engineering of specialty flex circuits, rigid-flex circuit designs, and other rigid PCB circuit technologies. This results in a burr free part with very close tolerances. Take a detailed view of the fabricated antenna elements example parts for details to give you some ideas of what can be produced using E-FAB PCM technology.

Manufacturing, Engineering, & Design Support Services

E-FAB, Inc. provides engineering and design customer support services through all project phases of development to production.

We’ve helped our customers engineer special applications & unique products from the prototype design and development phases, then carried the project through to mass production work. There have been numerous specially engineered development projects, hybrid & mil-spec work projects that are of a proprietary nature which are being used in diverse industries. Through our technical help and manufacturing, engineering, and design support services, we can aid you in your special applications and unique designs. Feel free to contact us today with specific questions.

Precision Formed Micro Contact Bumps

IC Test Sockets

Read more about E-FAB’s amazing formed micro bumps for switch contact points and for various other types of contact point applications. Contact points are not the only application for our E-FAB micro bumps. We are continually seeing new ways customers are using our E-FAB micro bump technology, and integrating it into a wide variety of products, applications, and industries. Contact E-FAB for more about our micro bump technology today.

Types of Products Manufactured with E-FAB Precision

The following is an E-FAB PCM products sampling; listing various types of precision high quality burr free, chemically machined components, provided for our customers. Check out our precision drilling and routing capabilities for flex circuits and other devices.

  • Space Fed Lens Antennas
  • Space Borne Etched Antenna Membranes
  • Machined forming dies formed contacts.
  • Milling, etched RFID tracker antenna fabrication geometries arrays,
    Teflon bonding.
  • Micro bumps, micro contacts
  • Engineering change orders: flexible jumpers traces add-a-trace™
  • Specialty FAB, flex circuits, leadframes, PCB stiffeners
  • Interconnect interposers for stacked memory devices and other components.
  • RF shields power EMI and RFI shielding
  • Electromagnetic shielding cages
  • Lids, step lids for hybrid packages
  • Screens, filter mesh screen. Filters for fine particulates, and EMI filters and RFI filters mesh screens
  • Polarizers
  • Printed circuit board hardware components: heat sinks, PCB jumpers, shims, spacers, PCB stiffeners and bus bars, carriers, clips, thermal layers, planes, frames, etc.
  • Dielectric coated copper conductors
  • Insulated contact, non-insulated contacts
  • Precise manufacturing of specialized tooling
  • Etched encoder disks, encoder strips
  • Dials and pointers
  • Etched ultra precision metal scales
  • Semiconductor lead frames
  • Gimbals springs
  • Gaskets and Diaphragms
  • Surface mount solder screening stencils
  • Bus bars
  • Actuator bands
  • Miniature ornaments & decorative designs etching
  • Shielding photo etching
  • Etched septum filter inserts
  • Complex shaped formed and bent thin metal widgets

E-FAB, Serves the Following Industries and More:

Serving the aerospace, communications, computer, defense, electronic, hybrid circuits, rigid flexible circuits, flex circuits, sculptured & sculpted circuits, aluminum circuits, interconnects, laser systems, dental, medical, instrumentation, micro electric circuits, microwave, commercial and military, ordinance, optical, sensors, power semiconductor, semiconductors, robotics, energy, solar, fuel cell, RFID, RF, microwave antenna fabrication, interconnect interposers for stacked memory modules and related fields, tactical, weapons systems, plus other high tech OEMs.

Engineers and Purchasing Managers
E-FAB accepts all major credit cards and can get started immediately with your prototype and production orders.
All Major Credit Cards are Accepted

With E-FAB and our photo chemical machining, photo etching, and micro chemical milling processes, along with our CNC micro fabrication techniques for close tolerance manufacturing procedures; you have many possibilities in having E-FAB produce a wide variety of precision etched metal parts & components for your unique engineering designs. Our staff is in place for helping with various aspects in engineering, prototype design, & the mass production phases on diverse types of etched metal parts projects. Our engineers will gladly take the time to evaluate your design requirements. For prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, and all development projects are welcome too; contact E FAB. Call toll free 800.600.3322

EMI and RFI Shield Frames

EMI RFI Circuit Board Shielding
Unique Thin Metal Parts & Complex Shapes Manufactured by E-FAB

Find Out What E-FAB PCM Can Do For You

Fine Screen Mesh for RFI and EMI Filtering and Fine Particle Filters

Screen MeshScreen Mesh Particle Filters, EMI & RFI Screen Mesh Shields, Fine Mesh Screens at E-FAB

Fine lines, micro chemical machining, metal photo etching, & chem milling projects. No precision etching job is too small or too big for E-FAB.

Types of Metal, Alloys, and Composite Materials Used in Manufacturing

The machining of thin metal parts made of copper, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, nickel silver, molybdenum, steel, stainless steel, spring steels, Monel, aluminum, magnetic alloys, Duroid laminates, polyimides, Teflons, ceramic substrates, Kovar, and other common and exotic materials are all ideally suited to be fabricated using the photo chemical machining and photo micro etching processes.

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E-FAB also manufactures PCB stiffeners and bus bars for your printed circuit board needs. E-FAB PCB stiffeners and bus bars are designed to increase board rigidity, improve circuit components reliability, and strengthen PCBs for rugged environments such as for the military and other harsh environment usages.

E-FAB Circuit Board Stiffeners and Bus Bars
Click here for more info on PCB Stiffeners and Bus Bars

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