Mesh Screens: Micro Mesh Manufactured From Diverse Alloys

E-FAB Custom Fine Mesh Screens

Pictured above is a small round screen, inner and outer framing border support, with the mesh part located in front of a penny to demonstrate screen mesh size, features, and transmission factors.

Small Mesh Screen Sizing Chart for Pre-Built Screens

Custom Sizes (Web Thickness & Spacing) and Holes (Square, Hexagonal, Round and Others) are Also Available

Screen Mesh Table

We custom produce the fine screens and screen mesh required for various applications. Learn more about E-FAB’s custom fine screens today with E-FAB’s precision photo chemical machining process.

Etched Screen

Click on Screen Image for Closeup Screen Details

With E-FAB’s precision photo chemical etching capabilities we produce fine line screens and mesh for a wide variety of technology applications such as, filter sieves for fine particle filtering applications, or custom sieves for filtering of solid particulate matter in liquids, screen shielding for PCB EMI shielding, RFI shields, and custom mesh screen shields for electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency shielding.

E-FAB Engineering Experimenters Screen Mesh Kit

E-FAB mesh screens are ideal for use in many types of OEM applications due to their durability, strength, and longevity; and unlike wire mesh screens, will not unravel, and are made from a solid piece of thin metal sheet of stainless steel or etched from other metal types requested by the customer. Also note, that screens can be custom fabricated (made to order from customer’s CAD files, or have our E-FAB engineers custom create it for you from drawings) into various shapes, with precision etched bend lines, which can then be formed into multifaceted complex shapes.

E-FAB produces an engineering and experimenter’s screen kit too. This kit is ideal for anyone wanting to design their own screens for OEM applications or simply wanting to sample the different screen mesh sizes that can readily be produced. The beauty of these screens is that anyone can design and cut out their own patterns in any type of shape required. Then, once the engineer has all the sizes figured out, E-FAB can produce them in larger quantities to the exact dimensions, and features required. Read more about and order the experimenter’s screen mesh kit today.

Get started on your own OEM screen designs with E-FAB’s stainless steel screen mesh panels available in various mesh screen sizes.

E-FAB Micro Mesh Screens

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Thin Metal ScreenE-FAB provides screens and products for a diverse group of industries including: military, medical, dental, optical, NASA, PCB industries (rigid, flex, hybrid-flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards), aerospace products, communications, computers, electronic equipment, EMI technologies, hybrid circuits, Interconnect assemblies, laser, instrumentation, ordinance, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID microwave antenna, stacked memory arrays, interconnect modules, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech OEM companies on the leading edge.

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