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E-FAB Manufactures Space Fed Lens Antenna Element Arrays

NASA Space Fed Lens Antenna

Consists of a focal surface and a planar lens array

Space Fed Lens Antennas
Etched Antennas Photo EtchDrawing Courtesy of NASA

Linking Satellites Via Earth “Hot Spots” and the Internet to Form Ad Hoc Constellations

Large Format Reflectarrays

Contact E-FAB For Precision Thin Metal Parts Fabrication For Your Antenna Arrays.

E-FAB, brings a can do attitude for you.

Contact E-FAB now for photo chemical machining, photo etching, antenna manufacturing, and micro chemical milling specialists.

E-FAB has built antenna systems on various substrates for our customers that include: cone, horn, helix, spiral, patch, hybrid etched antenna arrays, phase array, fractal, micro, blade, miniature parabolic, rigid & flexible antennas using precision photo chemical machining, photo etching, and micro chemical milling processes. Contact E-FAB today to build your antenna elements.

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