EMI RFI Shields With Dielectric Coating For Increased Hipot Insulation

EMI Shields

E-FAB Proprietary System of Dielectric Coating, Applied on the Inside of EMI/RFI Shields

EMI RFI RF Shields

EMI / RFI Shields + Dielectric Coating

Dielectric coating is applied to the shielding when EMI and RFI shields are in panel form.

Coating does not fill (or foul) bend lines.

Allows a low profile EMI shield design, assuring that the enclosed devices and electronic components do not short out.

Tests show a HiPot value of approximately 4000 volts per mil of thickness.

Read more information on E-FAB’s Dielectric Coating Process.

EMI/RFI and EMC Shield Coating Applications

Wherever EMI/RFI shielding or EMC shields are necessary to protect against spurious RF signals or co-existing electronic or electrical systems, along with the necessity of also providing high value electrical insulation properties; the E-FAB Dielectric Coating Process is an ideal choice for the manufacturer.

Various industries such as the military, electronic equipment manufacturers, commercial radio systems, aerospace, communications, computer, electronic sensors, laser, dental & medical instrumentation, ordinance, optical, power semiconductor, semiconductors and others can utilize the benefits of the E-FAB Dielectric Coating Services for their EMI/RFI shields.

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