E-FAB PCB Components: Lead Frames Circuit Board Heat Sinks Interconnects Flexible Boards

Printed Circuit Board Hardware ComponentsE-FAB fabricates printed circuit board components, flex circuit board components, flexible boards, fabricated microwave circuits, and other items, for specialized technology applications. See below for more details.

PCB Circuit Expertise

Looking for flexible circuit boards? E-FAB builds precision flex circuits for all types of applications.

Here is a sampling of the PCB parts manufactured by E-FAB: heat sinks, interconnects, thermal frames, lead frames, layers, and planes, window busses, RF shields and screens for circuit boards, EMI shielding and fence assemblies, PCB stiffeners, carriers, step lids, hybrid step lids, RF EMI shields for flex, and a wide variety of specialty flex circuits too. We also do lead frame pre-production, stamping pre-production, prototype, stamping prototypes, and manufacturing for high temperature variations and other applications.

E-FAB Circuit Board Stiffeners and Bus BarsConfigurations of heatsinks, PCB stiffeners, busbars, shields, leadframes, & various other on-board PCB components:

  • flat
  • flanged
  • bent
  • bossed, risered
  • photo chemically machined or routed silver soldered assemblies

Various Metals and Alloys Including:

  • cu: alloy 101 & 110
  • aluminum: 1100, 6061, 5052
  • brass, beryllium copper, molybdenum,
  • stainless steel, spring steel,
  • magnetic alloys, and other alloys.

Plating and Finishing:

  • nickel: mil-c-26074b & qq-n-290a
  • tin plating
  • gold plating
  • hard anodize: mil-a-8625c
  • conversion coat: mil-c-5541b
  • epoxy powder coating
  • epoxy solder mask coating

Parts inspection:

  • Per: mil-l-45208a
  • Note: All of the listed items can be manufactured & be provided in any
    of the materials, PCB configurations, plating, plus any of the finishes along with inspection.
E-FAB Sculptured Flex Circuits

E-FAB Sculpted Flex Circuit and Scuptured Flex Circuit

Industries served include: PCB, aerospace, communications, computer, electronic, EMI technologies, hybrid, rigid printed circuit boards and rigid flexible PCBs, Interconnect, laser, dental medical instrumentation, military, ordinance, optical, power semiconductor, semiconductors, solar, robotics, RFID microwave antenna, stacked memory interconnect modules, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech OEMs.

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We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, development projects are welcome. E-FAB, Inc. 1075 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, California.

Call toll free: 800.600.3322.

We can help you in the engineering & design phases of your special parts projects. Email, fax, or send us your prints, CAD files, or even hand drawings. We will gladly work up a quote for you.

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