Micro Etched Screens in Various Mesh Sizes Superior to Wire Mesh Screens

E-FAB Micro Mesh ScreensE-FAB sells photo chemically etched micro screens with various opening sizes and degrees of transmission (ratio of total area vs. etched through area). Select the size openings and the pattern design you prefer. If you are not quite sure of the screen hole sizes your application requires, our E-FAB Engineering Experimenter’s Screen Kit is just the ticket for you. The experimenter’s prototyping sample kit features smaller sized samples (on a total of 6 panels with 4 different styles on each panel) of all 24 design assortment sizes in both the hex and round (A B) types you see listed here along with other assorted round and rectangular screen features on a 12 x 16 inch panel size. The engineering and experimenter’s kit can be ordered online at our E-FAB Sales eCommerce store or call E-FAB directly to place your order. See below for a larger screen shot of the kit. Purchase your engineering experimenter’s kit and micro mesh screens today.

E-FAB Engineering Experimenters Screen Mesh Kit

E-FAB Engineering and Experimenter’s Screen Mesh Kit (more details below)

The E-FAB mesh screen panels are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. Micro mesh screens can be used for filter sieves for fine particle filtering applications, or custom sieves for filtering of solid particulate matter in liquid based solutions. Additionally the E-FAB micro mesh is ideally suited for screen shielding on PCBs, EMI shielding, RFI shields, and custom mesh screen shields for electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency shielding. This is an ideal tool for the engineer, whereby the engineer can experiment using various micro screen mesh hole sizes for evaluating the shielding aspects, while at the same time evaluating the cooling and air flow relationships of the section of circuitry being shielded.

Below is a table list of the various screen mesh sizes E-FAB manufactures and sells off the shelf. Note, the smallest screen opening size (refer to table and dimensions provided) is limited by a number of manufacturing constraints. Smaller mesh opening sizes may be possible on a limited basis depending on material thickness and surface area being etched. Material is stainless steel 302 alloy full hard .003 inches thick, (thinner material is available on special request).  Screen mesh panel sizes listed below are 12 inches by 11.5 inches, with an edge border width of .25 inches (not including exterior tooling webbing dimension as seen in screen image picture above). Larger screen mesh panel sizes are also possible on a custom made basis, but once again please note that these are limited to various manufacturing constraints and design parameters, some of which include metal and alloy types, material thickness, orifice size and type, hole spacing, surface area being etched, and overall width and length of finished screens. Contact E-FAB engineers for more information in regards to the various manufacturing aspects, your desired application(s), and for custom made screens.

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Micro Mesh Screen SizesFeatures of E-FAB Micro Mesh Screens

  • Flat stainless steel 302 alloy full hard
  • Food grade stainless steel alloy also available
  • Other metals and alloys available on a special order request basis
  • .003 inches thick material (thicker or thinner material is available on a special order request basis)
  • Various mesh opening sizes available
  • Etched screens are fabricated out of solid pieces of metal alloys making for a structurally strong design for both large and small screen sizes
  • E-FAB screen mesh is superior to wire mesh
  • E-FAB mesh screens will not fray
  • Hexagonal or round orifice styles (other custom orifice hole design styles available on a special order request basis)
  • Designed for engineers and experimenters in mind
  • Quickly design and cut out your own OEM designed mesh screen parts with sharp scissors and/or paper cutters
  • Screens can be cut into any shape and size within the physical size of the screen mesh panel size including rounds, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, parallelograms, polygons, pentagons, stars, half moons, freeforms, and all other flat geometric shapes and sizes of screens can be quickly cut out of the screen mesh panel
  • Once you have created your pattern, E-FAB can mass produce the screen mesh to your specifications, design requirements, with built in edge supports and mounting features for any type of application

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These screens can be used for a wide variety of applications such as particle filters, RFI filters, PCB ventilated shields, and even various food grade applications. Engineers, designers, experimenters, or anyone can use these various screen sizes to design custom OEM products simply by cutting the screens with a pair of scissors or using a paper cutter to cut straight lines. You can draw directly onto the screen the pattern that you want, then cut these out for your prototype. Then, as the engineer has settled on the dimensions that work the best for the application at hand, E-FAB can mass produce the custom made screens, with support borders, and/or other various etched features; fabricating them to the engineer’s or designer’s specifications. Individual screens can be fabricated on a large panel size, with small etched tabs to hold them together during the photo etching process. Then, it is simple to clip the screens out with miniature wire snips, an X-ACTO blade, paper cutter, or scissors as they are required, or cut out all of them completely from the support webbing. Also, in the case of larger screen surface areas, additional webbing can be designed into the screen to give extra strength and/or providing support surfaces. Edges can also be designed for various mounts, with mounting hole locations prefabbed, or with built in tabbed and etched bend line features for attaching to other support surfaces and structures.

E-FAB etched screens are ideal for their strength, durability, and longevity in that unlike wire mesh weave screens, the E-FAB etched screens are etched from a flat solid piece of thin stainless steel 302 alloy full hard, and do not have individual wires to unravel, making them ideal for small dimensional screen parts. The screens come in hexagonal and round orifice types. Other screen mesh orifice types (square, rectangular, oval, etc.) are available on a custom made basis. Contact E-FAB engineers for your custom screen type and designs. These screens are a great way for you to get started on your projects. Etched screens can also be made out of other alloys including food grade stainless steel. We know, that one screen size does not fit all, so please contact us today for your engineering and custom design questions. E-FAB engineers are here to assist you. View some other custom made screen designs by E-FAB.

TransTYPEMESHSize µ(Q in)(S1)(S2)(S3)R

Table above shows the different types of screens with “Trans” representing the transmission factor in a percentage. The transmission factor is the percentage of hole opening to material remaining. Type “A” has hexagonal openings, and type “B” has round openings.

Hole Types on Screen MeshExample of Screen Webbing

Hexagonal Screen Mesh
Screen mesh type “A” (hexagonal openings) panel pictured above.
Screen orifice type hexagon 12 x 11.5 inches panel with .25 inch outside web.
Actual screen area (screen mesh) dimensions are 11.5 x 11 inches.

Screen Mesh Round Type Openings
Screen mesh type “B” (round openings) panel pictured above.
Screen orifice type round 12 x 11.5 inches panel with .25 inch outside web.
Actual screen area (screen mesh) dimensions are 11.5 x 11 inches.

E-FAB Mesh Screen Engineering and Experimenter’s Kit

The engineering experimenter’s kit pictured above includes 12 type “A” hexagonal screen mesh and 12 type “B” round screen mesh orifice openings, (24 total screen mesh samples) in 6 panels each of which is 12 x 16 inch panel size. Panels are stainless steel 302 alloy full hard, .003 inches thick. Also included are various samples of round and other mesh screen shapes (see above picture of one panel example). This experimenter’s screen mesh kit is perfect for those that are developing projects and need to experiment with different screen mesh sizes or what to have a collection of various screen mesh sizes. It is simple to trace or draw on the mesh screens with a sharpie the screen design your project requires, then cut it out with sharp scissors or a paper cutter.

Once you have settled on a screen mesh size and design required for your project, send E-FAB the details, and we can make you hundreds, thousands, or millions of screens to match your application. E-FAB can add solid borders, tabs, additional internal frame solid borders, variations in the screen mesh types, or other advanced features to your finished screen mesh design. An example of a variation of the screen mesh within the same screen would be to have a larger or finer screen mesh in the center and a larger or finer screen mesh toward the outer areas, with having two or three border areas all integrated into the same screen surface. Other variations could include having one screen with several different squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, octagons, or other geometric shapes all on the same screen surface area with mounting tabs, holes, and or etched bend lines in precise locations. Screen mesh can be designed to be separated by solid material to form gasket surfaces for multifaceted device openings, so that when the screen gasket plated is mounted, the screen gaskets are held in place by two parts of the final assembled part devices being fitted together in the final assembly. Screens can even be engineered to be formed into complex three dimensional shapes. Variations on mesh screen types are only limited to the engineer’s imagination and the manufacturing constraints.

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