Encoder Strips

Mil-spec Work for Specialized Applications Engineered for High Tech Industries

E-FAB Precision Photo Chemical Machining + "Etching" + "Milling"

E-FAB provides solutions for solving another customer’s special application requirements.

A uniquely designed encoder strip for a specialized customer’s application is built to a precision customized length, of 44 inches in length. The optical encoder strip is photochemical etched to exact specifications for lines and spaces.

Specialized Engineering Application Encoder Strip

Encoder Strip Details

Imagine the possibilities in the photochemical machining, milling, and photo chemical etching of your mil spec thin metal parts for mass production and meeting tight tolerance specs.

We have the staff in place to help in the special engineering, design, and mass production work phases of projects. We will gladly take the time to evaluate your photo chemical fabrication needs.

Contact E-FAB today. We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, and development projects are welcome. E-FAB Inc. 1075 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, California. Call toll free: 800.600.3322.

Development Engineering and Customer Support Services

We provide manufacturing and engineering support services for our customers through all phases of a project.

We have helped our customers develop applications and products through the prototype and design phases, and then carried it into production. The special engineering involved with the 44 inch long optical encoder strip, pictured above is one of many numerous other development
projects that are proprietary.

Some of the industries served by us include: aerospace, communications, computer, electronic, filter screen, flex circuits, hybrid, and rigid flexible, interconnect, laser, dental medical instrumentation, microwave circuits, military, ordinance, power semiconductor, RFID, RF microwave antenna, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech technology OEMs.

E-FAB is helping businesses develop new specialized apps with smart manufacturing solutions.

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