Carriers, Plates, Flanges, Bases, Frames, Lids for Microelectronics RF, Microwave, Hybrid Circuits, Fiber Optics, Etc.

Carriers Flanges Bases PlatesE-FAB’s microelectronics product capabilities include manufacturing RF, Microwave, Transistor, Hybrid component carriers, plates, flanges, bases, frames, lead frames, and other RF microwave devices to customers’ specifications. Below is a sampling of some of the parts built to specifications for the RF and Microwave industries. Thin metal parts are made out of various metals and alloys (copper, brass, stainless steel, kovar) and are even manufactured out of other composite materials (FR4, Teflon, Duroid), along with different platings (typically nickel and/or gold plating). Below are pictures of gold plated carriers, plates, flanges, bases, frames, covers, lids, and other various types of small metal parts used in the RF, microwave, transistors and bi-polar transistor packages, and small housings.

Carriers LidsHere is some information to put these pictures into size perspective. For those that are unfamiliar with carriers, flanges, bases, plates, lids and frames for RF and microwave circuits, transistors, and bi-polar transistors metal parts and housings, and to give the viewer a better perspective as to E-FAB’s capabilities, the pictures below are close-up images of thin metal parts produced by E-FAB that are typically around the size of a dime or so, with some a bit longer in length and width, and a large number of them are smaller. The images below are indicative of the detailed accuracies involved in the E-FAB manufacturing, engineering, and production processes.

We invite you to take a look also at some of our other miniature metal part manufacturing capabilities such as our micro contacts, bumps, and dimples. These are thin metal parts are particularly fascinating when one considers the small sizes of the parts themselves, not to mention the extra small features. Take a look at the full size micro image on that page that is not a thumbnail (just a very small actual size picture of the part) for an indication of the real size of the part.

CarriersCarriers PlatesCarriers

Carriers Flanges Bases PlatesCarriers Frames

Carriers Lids With Weld Rings Features Showing

Pictured above are lids used to hermetically seal small microwave RF cans. The grid (porous area) are small pockets used to increase surface area for adhesion in order to “attach” some type of RF component. The “ring” you see around the lids is called a “Weld Ring.” The assembly process involves a cover being placed atop of a can, vacuum is drawn, and a laser goes around the top melting the ring to the can, hermetically sealing it. The little “tabs” are for alignment purposes.

E-FAB has experience with these precision thin metal small parts. Contact E-FAB with your design specifications, drawings, quantity of parts required, and we will get you a sales quote. We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you.

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