Bent Metal Parts

Precision Thin Metal Parts Bent Into Complex Shapes & Custom Designs

Precision Thin Metal PartsPrecise Bent Thin Metal Parts

E-FAB has the capabilities to produce all the precision thin metal parts bent into complex shapes that your products require.

Check out our micro bumps too.

Complex Thin Metal Shapes

With E-FAB’s precision photo chemical machining process, we have the ability to etch numerous types of metals and alloys, and add precision etched bend lines and other surface etched details required to meet your thin metal parts engineering specifications.

Precision Etched Bend Lines Gold Plating

Our engineers can custom design special parts dies to form complex shapes, and provide the engineering support and technical knowledge to help you plan for optimum parts fabrication today.

E-FAB Precision Parts Fabrication

Contact our engineering and sales team today for a parts quote.

Precision Bent And Formed Metal PartsWith E-FAB’s precision photo chemical etching capabilities we produce precision thin metal parts for a wide variety of technology applications.

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E-FAB provides products for a diverse group of industries including: military, medical, dental, optical, NASA, PCB industries (rigid, flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards), aerospace products, communications, computers, electronic equipment, EMI technologies, hybrid circuits, Interconnect assemblies, laser, instrumentation, ordinance, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID, RF, microwave antenna, stacked memory arrays, interconnect modules, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech technology OEM companies.

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