Antenna Geometries RF Microwave & RFID Manufacturing

E-FAB fabricates mil-spec designed RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) & microwave circuits using precision photo chemical machining for antenna etching RF microwave antenna geometries, arrays, circuits and components.

Examples of Various Antenna Types and Designs

Antennas can be bonded to plastic, Duroid, Teflon and other substrates. Also available are RF Kovar shims, planes, dielectric coated components, antennas for RFID, micro specialty antennas, and large format antennas etched on thin membranes.

Photo-etching and chemically milled antenna elements are fabricated by E-FAB. Pictured on right are a customer’s cavity backed spiral antennas and assemblies.

Precision Thin Metal RF Parts

We fabricate an extensive array of proprietary customer designs. Many of our customers require non disclosure agreements, which in turn limits the illustrations we can display on this site.

Fabrication of assemblies and designs including: RFID geometry arrays, RF polarizer patterns, RF shields, etched septum filter inserts plating onto plastic substrates for yig filters, omega foil, EMI antenna circuit shields, & fencing planes, Kovar lids, hybrid stepped lids, weld band, etched logos, ferrites, striplines, bar lines, carriers, duroid shims, & spacers.

Inspection MIL-I-45208 & ISO 9000
Manufacturing under SPC & DOE

Photo chemical machining created thin metal parts using the chemical etching process. The E-FAB PCM processes produce very precise metal parts.

For example, microwave antenna components are precisely machined, bent, or produced in flat geometries for our customers and include circuit elements, engineered and designed on various substrates using the photo etching process.

Stainless steels, Kovar, molybdenum, copper foil on Duroid with Teflon substrates, circuits on omega foils / Teflon laminate, copper, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, nickel silver, steel, spring steels, aluminum, magnetic alloys, and other exotic materials.

mil spec
nickel, gold, silver, cu, & tin plating onto metal & plastic

Etched heatsinks, stand-alone, direct bonded copper on alumina & aluminum nitride
bonding; Teflon-to-Teflon & polyimide to honeycomb, along with other packaging types.

From .001 wide weld rings – 20″ x 36″ polarizers
From .0007 thick foils – .062 thick sheet & coil

Gerber editing
DXF/Gerber translating
precision laser plotting
drawing/sketch – plotted tooling

Contact E-FAB, antenna manufacturing specialists today. We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, & development projects are welcome. E-Fab Inc. 1075 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, California. Toll free 800.600.3322. We can help engineer & design your special parts. Email, fax, send us your prints, cad files, or hand drawings & will gladly work up a quote for you.

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