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E-FAB RF shields, precision metal machining applications, additional products, briefs and sources.

EMI RFI Shielding Custom Thin Metal Shields

Additional applications and briefs sources:

  1. Brewer, R., Instrument Specialties “EMC Design Practices: The Illusive RF Radiated Coupling Loop”

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Specialties include: RF shields, microwave antenna geometry patterns and etched  circuits, PCB, RFI shields and EMI shielding, medical and dental instruments, photo chemical machining, photochemical etching, precision mico chem milling, photo etching, chemical blanking, precision metal parts fabrication, heat sinks, dielectric coated copper conductors, mechanical parts, shims, encoder disks, PCM, masks and springs, thermal planes & layers for PCBs and  PWBs, step lids for hybrid packages, thermal frames, stiffeners, and printed circuit board carriers.

Some of the industries served by E-FAB include: aerospace, communications, computer, defense, electronic, flexible circuits, hybrid circuits and rigid flex circuits, interconnect, laser, dental, medical instrumentation, military, ordinance, optical, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID, microwave, RF, tactical, weapons systems, automotive, and other high tech technology OEMs.

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