E-FAB PCM Process Advantages

What Are The Machining Advantages to Using E-FAB Photo Chemical Machining and Photo Etching?

Thin metal parts are fabricated and manufactured using photo chemical machining, chemical blanking, micro chemical milling, and the photo etching process, which are generally classified under the banner of photochemical machining or “PCM”.

PCM fabrication and manufacturing processes can offer economical alternatives to CNC machining, CNC milling, laser or water jet cutting, stamping, punching, or wire electrical discharge machining “EDM” for thin gauge precision metal parts manufacturing.

The PCM process advantages for thin metal precision parts include the following:

Fabricated Thin Metal Shapes
1. Low cost tooling advantages:

Primarily done on a computer, and aided by CAD/CAM software thus minimizing the expensive mechanical operations costs.

2. Speed of delivery: time = money.

E-FAB Photo chemical machining and E-FAB photo etching will save on both time and money. Part deliveries are typically 1-3 weeks. Contact our engineering department and sales specialists for quick turn quotes.

3. Metal properties and structural integrity of manufactured parts:

Metals’ properties and structural integrity are maintained as a unique advantage.

Photo Chemical Machining4. Design multiplicity cost savings:

Part patterns requiring tighter tolerances can be stepped and repeated on larger panels. Gang assembly can sometimes offer substantial cost savings.

5. Tooling modifications:

Using CAD/CAM software and computers, the photo etch design can be modified at a minimal cost to the OEM. This allows the OEM designer to take full advantage of E-FAB’s production speed capabilities, in order to build a prototype at a low cost and provide a fast turn around time.

6. Burring eliminated on finished metal parts:

With the E-FAB PCM process, part configuration is maintained without surface burring.

7. Prototype to mass production can be accomplished in record times:

Production variables such as time and cost are significantly reduced; and with prototypes being able to be produced quickly using the fast E-FAB PCM manufacturing processes, E-FAB can produce precision thin metal parts in record times. Machined parts allow you to develop the design quickly before going to mass production with stampings.

8. Complex shapes are easily produced:

E-FAB can produce thin metal parts formed into complex, 3 dimensional, precision shapes.

9. Easily fabricate thin metal parts out of various metals and alloys:

A wide variety of metals ,alloys, and composite materials can be used to produce precision thin metal parts quickly using the E-FAB PCM process.

10. E-FAB PCM manufacturing and fabrication process is ideal for both large format and small, highly specialize designs for thin metal parts:

No job is too large or too small. Challenge E-FAB today with the parts that no one else can build. We will help engineer, design, and build it for you.

Contact E-FAB for your thin metal parts today.

Photo Chemical Machining Process Advantages.

Below is a small sampling of the precision thin metal parts and other composite materials, which are typically manufactured to .060 inch thick or thinner finished part thicknesses from (copper, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, nickel silver, molybdenum, steel, stainless steel, spring steels, Monel, aluminum, magnetic alloys, Duroid laminates, polyimides, Teflons, ceramic substrates, Kovar, and other common and exotic materials) produced by E-FAB using the photo etch and blanking processes.

Microwave circuits, Space Borne Antennas, EMI shielding, mess screens, seals, dielectric coated copper conductors, micro insulated non insulated contacts, etched scales, mechanical parts, shims, etched masks and miniature springs, etched step lids for hybrid packages, flex circuits, RFID, RF microwave antenna geometry patterns and assemblies, miniature CNC machined forming dies and formed contacts, encoder disks and large and small encoder strips, PCB thermal layers, planes, frames, heat sinks, fences, stiffeners, separators, and carriers.

Industries served include: aerospace, communications, computer, defense, electronic, automotive, hybrid circuits, flex, rigid-flex circuits, interconnect, laser, dental, medical instrumentation, military, ordinance, energy, solar, fuel cell, optical, antennas, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID, RF microwave antenna, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech OEMs.

E-FAB engineering is highly involved in developing new technologies with our customers throughout all phases of the customers’ projects. Contact E-FAB today for precision engineering, manufacturing, and machining help for you. Find out how using the E-FAB PCM process, we can build thin metal parts better, faster, and more precisely than a typical CNC machine shop.

E-FAB can get started immediately with your engineering and prototype designs. A note to all design engineers; all major credit cards are accepted.

Imagine the fabrication possibilities with using E-FAB PCM processes.

We have the staff in place to provide great customer support and help in your projects engineering, design, and production phases. We will gladly take the time to evaluate your needs. Contact E-FAB today. We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, and development projects are welcome. E-FAB Inc. 1075 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, California. Call toll free: 800.600.3322.

No photochemical machining job is too small.

Some photo etch manufacturing work is done in the .001 inch range.
E-FAB micro precision CNC & PCM work to build the jobs precisely for you.

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