Dielectric Coating Broad Based Applications

Our proprietary system of dielectric coating, applied to PCBs and metal parts, yields Hipot Tests 2 to 5 times higher than Powder Coating.

Precision thin metal parts photo-etching, photo chemical machining, and micro milling applications with E-FAB.

Precision Bent Thin Metal Parts

E-FAB Precision
Formed Bend Lines

Dielectric coating is used as the final coat on printed circuit boards and small metal parts. (LPI Coating)

Dielectric Coating Broad Spectrum Applications

Dielectric coating is applied to thin metal parts. Examples include transformer turns, RFI shielding, and laminations used in small motors.

Using a thinner, yet higher density dielectric coating, when compared to powdered coated insulation; superior heat dissipation is achieved.

Hipot specifications of 5,400 v/mil for dielectric coating, compared to 800 v/mil for powder coated electrical insulation.

The trick on achieving higher Hipot readings when coating thin metal parts with sharp edges is to retard the natural tendency of liquid coatings to Run Away or “Level” on sharp corners. We achieve this with a proprietary coating process.

Call or email us and we will explain how we do this and provide you with information on what to expect on your parts.

Some Limitations of the Coating Process

The “Throwing Power” on small holes or deep holes has limitations. We use this to our advantage when coating EMI shielding with a dielectric. The “bend lines” used to fold the sides of EMI andRFI shields do not fill with epoxy and fowl the 90° bends.

Contact E-FAB today for a superior powder coating alternative.

3 Day Turn Prototype And Production

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