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Large Format PCM

With E-FAB PCM (Photo Chemical Machining) Imagine the possibilities:

  • The E-FAB PCM milling process is quick to go from design, to prototype, to production phases.
  • Tooling is a very minimal cost to the customer.
  • Engineering designs can be easily tried and implemented.
  • Easy to go from one to many millions of parts; moving quickly from part prototyping, to mass production.
  • Internal structure and molecular properties of metals and alloys are left unchanged.
  • The E-FAB PCM process results in burr free metal parts.
  • Etched identification logos can easily be placed into the parts during the manufacturing process.
  • Precision lines and spaces can be maintained. (< .003in.)
  • Complex metal parts and composite material designs are precisely, efficiently, and economically produced.
  • Ideal for thin metal designs and metal foils, with a wide variety of alloys available for fabricating customer engineered parts.
  • Metal parts can be machined with precision bend lines, and formed into precision complex geometric structures and shapes.

Imagine what we could fabricate for you today using the E-FAB PCM process.

See our fine line products page for some of the types of items we have produced and etched for our customers.

Take a look at our special applications for additional insights into helping you with your engineering designs.

See our manufacturing support information page for the manufacturing, engineering, and design support we provide for our customers.

E-FAB Precision Photo Chemical Machining, Etching, Milling

Contact E-FAB today. We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, and development projects are always welcome.

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