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E-FAB Precision CNC Drilling and Routing Machine Operation

E-FAB’s precision flex circuits and thin metal parts drilling and routing machine in action video (view video below). The following E-FAB video is of our drilling and routing machine in operation. Please read the details of the video below. The … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New E-FAB Website

We are really excited about our new E-FAB website look and feel, and we think you will like it too! E-FAB can do what some in the industry feel is the impossible. By-the-way, for our foreign language guests and readers, … Continue reading

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Precision Mil Spec PCM Manufacturing & Fabrication

Precision Mil Spec PCM and Photo Chemical Etching E-FAB Precision Thin Metal Parts Manufacturing Sure we can do the simple etching and photo chemical machining fabrication, but our real strength lies in manufacturing close tolerance parts for a plethora of … Continue reading

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