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Precision Thin Metal Fine Mesh Screens

.002 Inches Thin Metal Fine Mesh Screen in Stainless Steel Custom made, stainless steel, 0.002 inches thin metal, with 0.002 inches web thickness, precision fine mesh screen. Contact E-FAB for precision fine mesh screen information or sales quote. Click on … Continue reading

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E-FAB Precision CNC Drilling and Routing Machine Operation

E-FAB’s precision flex circuits and thin metal parts drilling and routing machine in action video (view video below). The following E-FAB video is of our drilling and routing machine in operation. Please read the details of the video below. The … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2010 & Happy New Year 2011

E-FAB Christmas Party 2010 E-FAB O What Fun We Had Photo Etching All The Way!

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Welcome to the New E-FAB Website

We are really excited about our new E-FAB website look and feel, and we think you will like it too! E-FAB can do what some in the industry feel is the impossible. By-the-way, for our foreign language guests and readers, … Continue reading

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E-FAB Microstrip Photo Etched Antennas

E-FAB is a photo etch, photo chemical machining, and micro chem milling manufacturer of microstrip antennas on various substrates such as Duroid laminates, polyimide, Kapton, Teflon, and ceramics. FR4 epoxy fiberglass laminates have also been used but the Duroid laminates, … Continue reading

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Machine Shops – E-FAB Photo Chemical Machining Is For You and Your Customers Too

Machine shops and your company should be interested in E-FAB’s photo chemical milling, photochemical machining, and photo etching outside services. Learn how E-FAB PCM save you and your customers time and money now! Learn why you should use photo chemical … Continue reading

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Etched Septum Filter Inserts

An Ideal Application For Photo Chemical Machining, PCM, Is In The Microwave Industry LMDS WAVEGUIDE E-PLANE FILTER DESIGN Engineering design software and resources can be found at E-FAB can help you with the manufacturing processes used in Septum Filter … Continue reading

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E-FAB 2006 Christmas Party

Everyone enjoyed themselves at the 2006 Christmas Party E-FAB 2006 Christmas Party A time to relax, have fun, enjoy the company, and have some great food. View the E-FAB Slide Show. E-FAB provides Photo Chemical Machining, Photo Etching, and Photochemical … Continue reading

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Large Format Photo Etched Antennas

JPL Antenna Element Pictured Below Is for a KA-Band Antenna Antenna element is one of 16 strips that JPL assembles into a 3.5 meter diameter Space Borne antenna system. E-FAB has developed a process by which tight tolerances can be … Continue reading

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Precision Mil Spec PCM Manufacturing & Fabrication

Precision Mil Spec PCM and Photo Chemical Etching E-FAB Precision Thin Metal Parts Manufacturing Sure we can do the simple etching and photo chemical machining fabrication, but our real strength lies in manufacturing close tolerance parts for a plethora of … Continue reading

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