E-FAB is a Preferred Supplier of Antenna Elements

E-FAB Photo Etch Technologies
Antenna elements are fabricated by E-FAB for cavity backed, spiral antenna assemblies.
E-FAB, Inc. - Photo Etch Technologies

E-FAB, Inc. – Preferred Supplier

Micro Technology Antenna Fabrication Specialist

Building antennas for: NASA, JPL, L3, aerospace, military, broadband, cellular, large satellite and microwave base stations, Space Fed Lens antennas and RF microwave, Space-Borne etched antenna membranes, satellite, WLAN, RFID, wireless, GPS, etc. The types of antenna systems E-FAB has manufactured include: cone, horn, helix, spiral, patch, hybrid etched antenna arrays, phase array, fractal, micro, blade, miniature parabolic, rigid & flexible antennas on various substrates using photo chemical machining, photo etching, and chemical milling processes. Utilizing our E-FAB PCM processes, results in very close tolerance, burr free antenna geometries, matching the engineering design requirements and antenna performance characteristics for today’s OEM high tech products.

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E-FAB Precision Photo Chemical Machining and Etching

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E-FAB, Inc. – Photo Etch Technologies

Micro fabrication and manufacturing specialists

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