E-FAB Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design Support Services

E-FAB offers manufacturing, engineering, and design support for our customers’ projects. Areas of expertise include but not limited to: materials science, heat treating, metrology, lamination, joining technology electro plating, electro-less plating, etching, photo chemical machining, semiconductor and hybrid packaging design CAD, photo tooling, hard-tooling, soft-tooling, dielectric coating of photochemical etched panels, micro machining, die making, flex circuits, PCB design, and CNC machining alternatives.

Manufacturing Engineering Support for Precision Etched Parts At E-FAB we understand the importance of customer support from the beginning of a manufacturing project to the end. The chart above represents the supporting role provided for our customers and their projects. No matter which industry you are in, our engineers can provide you with the help and guidance from our sphere of influence. At E-FAB, we have the engineering and manufacturing solutions to help solve your technical problems. Give E-FAB a call to speak with an engineer or sales person, or send us an email today with your design specs, ideas, or questions. Proprietary jobs — No problem — We will gladly sign a NDC for you too.

3 Day Turn Prototype And Production


Some of the industries E-FAB serves include:

Aerospace, antenna, communications, computer, defense, electronic, flex circuit, hybrid circuits, rigid-flex circuit, interconnect, laser, dental, medical instrumentation, micro electric circuits, military, ordinance, optical, power semiconductor, stacked memory modules, semiconductors, solar, energy, robotics, RFID antennas, RF microwave, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech OEMs.

Imagine the possibilities in the precision photo chemical milling and etching of your thin metal parts.

We have the staff in place to help in the prototype, design, and production phases of your projects. We will gladly take the time to evaluate your fabrication needs. Contact E-FAB the specialists today. We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, and development projects are welcome. E-fab Inc. 1075 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, California. 800.600.3322.

E-FAB PCB Stiffeners and Circuit Board Components Bus Bars

E-FAB Circuit Board Stiffeners and Bus BarsRead more about E-FAB PCB stiffeners and bus bars and the applied applications.

Precision Thin Metal Parts Fabrication

Precision Etched Bend Lines Gold Plating

E-FAB is here to help you in creating new technologies, products, and ideas for the world.

Precision Formed Micro Bumps

IC Test Sockets

Read more about the formed micro bumps for switch contact points for various types of contact point applications.

PCB EMI RFI Shield Frames

EMI RFI Circuit Board Shielding

See more bent metal parts.

Fine Mesh Screens For RFI and EMI Filters
Fine Screen Particle Filters

Screen Mesh

Screen Mesh Particle Filters, EMI/RFI Screen Mesh Shields, Fine Mesh Screens at E-FAB

Micro chemical machining, metal photo etching, and milling projects.
No precision etching job is too big or too small for E-FAB.

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