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Established in 1981, E-FAB Incorporated, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA. Our customers are located world-wide. We build and deliver an extensive array of precision thin metal and flex circuits part types to all locations of the globe. E-FAB is dedicated to offering its customers reliable production schedules, the highest quality photo etched components and flex circuits, and the engineering and manufacturing support required to accomplish unique designs using the photo chemical machining process.

E-FAB Photo Chemical Machining, Engineering, & Fabrication

E-FAB’s high quality, burr free, thin metal, precision built parts include:

  • Antennas: large format, circuit board, micro antennas, & etched antenna geometries
  • Carriers, Plates, Flanges, Bases, Frames, Lids for RF, Microwave, Hybrid Circuits, Fiber Optics, etc.
  • Mess, micro mesh, screens, filters
  • EMI shielding RFI shields & RF screens
  • Miniature implant devices, medical, dental
  • Specialty flex circuits, hybrid flex, & sculpted (sculptured) flex PCBs
  • Encoder disks and encoder strips
  • Step lids and lids for hybrid packages
  • PCB components: innerconnects, circuit board heat sinks, shims, PCB stiffeners, PCB buss bars, carriers, thermal layers and thermal planes
  • Dielectric coated copper conductors
  • Precise micro CNC machining and milling of specialized tooling
  • Precision etched miniature metal scales
  • Insulated contact and non-insulated contacts
  • Micro bumps and micro divots
  • Leadframe manufacturing
  • Gimbals springs
  • Surface mount solder screening stencils
  • Buss bars
  • Actuator bands
  • CNC machined forming dies and formed contacts
  • Decorative items, ornaments, widgets, and more
  • Microwave and RF circuits
  • Laminated “Multilayer” Devices
  • Other Specialty Widgets

Photochemical fabrication, photoetching, and micro chemical milling of precision components are known as the E-FAB Photo Chemical Machining (PCM) process, along with E-FAB’s unique manufacturing abilities to produce high quality flex circuits is what E-FAB specializes in. The PCM parts are finished in several different ways: electroplated or coated with a dielectric layer, then separated, and/or bent, or formed, or supplied in flat panels, or separated into individual precision parts. In addition to precision PCM parts fabrication, and by incorporating many of the unique E-FAB PCM processes into flex circuits, E-FAB’s flex circuit capabilities go above and beyond what a typical flex circuit board shop can build. Many times, other flex shops will have E-FAB build the flex boards for them due to unique design and manufacturing requirements from their customers.

Our customers develop “state-of-the-art” products in the electronic, electrical machinery, microwave communications, telecommunications, military, medical electronics, implant fields, EMI and RF shielding, semiconductor industry, and printed circuit board industries.

We offer engineering assistance during the customer design and development phase in optimizing manufacturability while achieving cost and quality objectives.

We invite you to take a look around our website, and view a sampling of some of the items E-FAB manufactures. The items presented are only a fraction of what we do. Many of our customers come to E-FAB with specific products and unique ideas in mind which are proprietary in nature, and we are limited to talking in generalities about these products because of signed nondisclosure agreements. If you have a unique or proprietary product in mind, and you wish to discuss your idea in greater detail, E-FAB will gladly sign a nondisclosure agreement with you too.

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Some of the industries served by E-FAB include: aerospace, communications, computer, electronic, flexible circuits, hybrid, and rigid flexible, implants, interconnect, laser, dental medical instrumentation, microwave, military, ordinance, optical, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID, RF microwave antenna, tactical, weapons systems, energy, solar, robotics, and other high tech OEMs on the leading edge of new products and designs.

We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, and development projects are welcome. E-FAB, Inc. 1075 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, California – 800.600.3322

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