Precision Thin Metal Fine Mesh Screens

.002 Inches Thin Metal Fine Mesh Screen in Stainless Steel

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Custom made, stainless steel, 0.002 inches thin metal, with 0.002 inches web thickness, precision fine mesh screen.

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Round ScreensClick on images above for close-up views of thin metal screens.

E-FAB builds all types of screens, using a wide variety of metals and alloys. Any shaped screen for your needs. Need a unique shaped screen, for a unique application, bent, or formed, or even integrated into another metal piece? No problem. Contact E-FAB today for all your fine screen needs.

E-FAB provides photo etched and photo chemically machined products for a diverse group of industries and applications including: military, medical, dental, optical, NASA, PCB industries (rigid, flex, hybrid-flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards), aerospace products, communications, computers, electronic equipment, EMI technologies, hybrid circuits, Interconnect assemblies, laser, instrumentation, ordinance, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID microwave antenna, stacked memory arrays, interconnect modules, tactical, weapons systems, solar, and other high tech OEM companies on the leading edge of new technology development.

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Get started on your own OEM screen designs with E-FAB’s stainless steel screen mesh panels available in various mesh screen sizes. Simple to trace and cut out your unique screen designs (no special tools required).

E-FAB Micro Mesh Screens

Click on image to learn more about these screens that are designed for engineers and experimenters. Contact E-FAB today for more information.

Small Mesh Screen Sizing Chart for Pre-Built Screens

Custom Sizes (Web Thickness & Spacing) and Holes (Square, Hexagonal, Round and Others) are Also Available

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