E-FAB Precision CNC Drilling and Routing Machine Operation

E-FAB’s precision flex circuits and thin metal parts drilling and routing machine in action video (view video below).

The following E-FAB video is of our drilling and routing machine in operation. Please read the details of the video below. The first half of the video shows the drilling mode and the second half (starting at the 2:40 mark), is the machine running in the routing mode. The video is showing a “first run.” E-FAB drills and routs in thin metal parts, flex circuits, and rigid flex circuit board applications. The CNC machine is a precision air bearing machine capable of both drilling and routing modes of operation. This is in addition to E-FAB’s precision photo chemical machining, photo etching, and chemical milling processes.

In the first part of the machine video, during the drilling mode, the machine is actually drilling very small holes into an entry material. Some of the larger holes can readily be seen in the panel, however many times the small holes on a circuit board or thin metal material are so small {.010 inches (0.254 mm) in diameter or smaller} that it is difficult to see them without holding the panel up to the light or using an eye loupe for detailed views.

This automated CNC machine is capable of very tight drilling accuracies and precision part dimensions when routing. With the built in vacuum pressure foot assembly for keeping thin parts solidly held in place and clean during the drilling and routing processes, the high speed air bearing spindle (with very little spindle runout) designed for drilling and routing tight tolerance parts, and the precision X, Y, and Z axis servo positioning systems for high positioning accuracy, E-FAB has the in house capabilities, using the CNC drilling and routing machine, to complement our photo etching and photo chemical machining (PCM) processes. It allows us to provide the best of both worlds solutions for our customers’ needs; very accurate fine line PCM processes and precision small hole drilling, along with detailed parts and item features precisely routed, which is above and beyond of what others in either the circuit board industry or the PCM industry can do for you. With E-FAB, our customers appreciate it that we do quite a number of processes that are manufacturing complementary [manufacturing, engineering, and design], extremely well.

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