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We are really excited about our new E-FAB website look and feel, and we think you will like it too! E-FAB can do what some in the industry feel is the impossible.

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E-FAB Sculptured Flex Circuits

E-FAB Sculpted Flex Circuit and Scuptured Flex Circuit

To better understand the various industries that E-FAB serves is quite difficult to explain in one or two sentences. When we say that we serve a plethora of industries, we really do mean a lot of industries and many applications, too many to count, worlds apart, and out of this world (outer space applications). In fact, many of the applications and product developments that E-FAB has worked with in close conjunction with our commercial, military, and government clients, has pushed E-FAB to develop new fabrication and manufacturing techniques for various parts and engineering designs that were once thought impossible to build.

Take for example, aluminum flex circuits. You might ask, why in the world, would someone need an aluminum flex circuit? Well, these type of unique requests are not unusual at all, but are quite typical for our customers to request E-FAB to build what others can not. The reason E-FAB can build it, is because of our diverse photo chemical machining (PCM) capabilities and our proprietary processes that our engineers have developed over the years.

E-FAB Micro Bumps on Actual Part SizeE-FAB Micro Bump TechnologyAnother amazing example of one of E-FAB’s technological breakthroughs is our proprietary E-FAB Micro Bumps technology, which was developed for a customer’s special application requirements. Case in point, pardon the pun, a customer needed miniature contact points, ( to put this in visual perspective, see small actual part size on the top left) laid out in a certain grid patter (see magnified closeup picture on the right), and E-FAB was asked if we could build it for them. The answer was, “yes E-FAB can build it” and we did with great success! This micro bump technology is ideal for micro switch contact points and other applications for precision raised bumps on a diverse array of metals and alloys. Needless to say, the customer was extremely happy with the Micro bumps results. Click on the picture for more details about the E-FAB Micro Bumps technology.

What can E-FAB Manufacture, Fabricate, and Machine for you?

E-FAB can manufacture, fabricate, and micro machine just about anything related to thin metal parts and save you money too! Take a look at E-FAB’s banner header to give you a better idea of what we do. E-FAB has many stars that shine brightly in the world of technology, manufacturing, machining and fabrication. E-FAB’s manufacturing, engineering, and design support services are here to serve you. We take great pride in our customer service, and our sales and engineering folks are here to support your custom built parts from the early conceptual stages of a product’s design, all the way up to prototype and mass production of the finished parts.

E-FAB Photo Chemical Machining Precision Metal Parts

The list is equally endless as far as what E-FAB has manufactured over the years.

A sampling of items produced by E-FAB include: Space Fed Lens antennas, Space Borne etched antenna membranes, machined forming dies, formed contacts, micro milled and etched RFID tracker antenna fabrication geometries arrays, Teflon bonding of precision parts, Micro bumps, micro contacts, engineering change order products — flexible jumpers traces add-a-trace™, specialty FAB, flex circuits, PCB rigid-flex boards, leadframes, separators, connectors, interconnect interposers for stacked memory devices and other components, RF shields, power EMI and RFI shielding, electromagnetic shielding cages, lids, step lids for hybrid packages, screens, filter mesh screen, custom filters for fine particulates, EMI filter screens and RFI filter mesh screens, printed circuit board hardware components such as: heat sinks, PCB jumpers, shims, stiffeners, carriers, thermal layers, planes, frames, etc., direct bonded copper for high power applications, dielectric coated copper conductors, insulated contact, non-insulated contacts, precise manufacturing of specialized tooling, etched encoder disks and encoder strips large format and small formats, etched ultra precision metal scales, semiconductor lead frames, gimbals springs, precision washers, surface mount solder screening stencils, bus bars, actuator bands, miniature ornaments & decorative designs parts etching, model photo etching, etched septum filter inserts, complex shaped formed and bent thin metal widgets.

As you can see, E-FAB has the capabilities to do just about anything related to thin metal parts manufacturing, fabrication, and custom designs. Our multifaceted widgets category of precision thin metal parts is constantly growing. In fact, the list of proprietary widgets are too numerous to count nor could we even begin to share that with you here.

Some of the typical types of metals, alloys, and composite materials E-FAB has used in precision parts manufacturing include: thin metal parts made of copper, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, nickel silver, molybdenum, steel, stainless steel, spring steels, Monel, aluminum, magnetic alloys, Duroid laminates, polyimides, Teflons, ceramic substrates, Kovar, and other common and exotic materials are all ideally suited to be fabricated using the E-FAB photo chemical machining, photo etching, and micro milling processes.

E-FAB invites you today to take a look around our new updated website. If you don’t see it here, it is probably because, the list is endless and was a simple oversight on our part. Contact E-FAB for a quote on your part designs, ideas, or just to ask a question or two.

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