Machine Shops – E-FAB Photo Chemical Machining Is For You and Your Customers Too

Machine shops and your company should be interested in E-FAB’s photo chemical milling, photochemical machining, and photo etching outside services.

Learn how E-FAB PCM save you and your customers time and money now!

Learn why you should use photo chemical machining, milling, and photo etching. The bottom line is E-FAB PhotoChemical Machining can save a machine shop and their customers time and money in a multitude of ways. Many times OEM customers have no idea about what processes are involved in the manufacturing or fabrication of metal parts, or the differences between electrochemical, photochemical, and CNC machining. They only know that they want quality parts machined to specifications, with on time delivery, and at the agreed upon pricing. They don’t care how a machine shop produces it, or the tooling involved, or even the degree of difficulty in the machining process because of the complexity of the metal parts designs. No — none of that really matters to the OEM customer. They just want to know; can you do it, and at what price?

Let’s say you are a full service machine shop with CNC turning (lathes), CNC milling machines, CNC laser cutting equipment, CNC waterjet cutting, and wire EDM (electrical discharge machining). Customers come to your place because you can do it all, right? Yes, you can do it all, but some of those parts are going to cost you more in time and labor by machining them in a traditional manner rather than what could be done using E-FAB’s photo chemical milling, photo etching, and photo chemical machining services.

Photo chemical milling, (PCM) photochemical machining, and photo etching are ideally suited for most metals and alloys that are less than .050″ in material thickness depending on which particular chemical process and part tolerances or metal types that are being chemically milled, machined, or etched. Read about the various photo chemical machining applications and the industries that use it.

Metal And Alloys Suited For Photo Chemical Machining

The machining of thin metal parts made of copper, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, nickel silver, molybdenum, steel, stainless steel, spring steels, aluminum, magnetic alloys, and other common and exotic materials are all ideally suited to be fabricated using the photo chemical machining process.

Photo Chemical MachiningWhat are the photo chemical machining, milling, and photo etching benefits vs. traditional CNC milling & machining?

E-FAB PCM is an excellent alternative to traditional CNC machining operations. Thousands or millions of high precision parts can be manufactured at one time with substantially reduced tooling costs. Metal parts that are intricate in nature, with complex shapes and geometries, can easily be tooled up on a computer using CAD/CAM software and outputting photo-tooling which minimizes expensive CNC mechanical and manual operations costs.

Finished metal parts can be delivered quickly. Parts requiring tighter tolerances can be easily stepped and repeated on larger panel sizes with very high parts to panel density ratios. This substantially increases the yield ratio and decreases the material waste.

Engineering modifications can be done quickly and conveniently using CAD/CAM software. E-FAB PCM allows the designer and engineer to minimize costs and significantly reduce the turnaround time involved with prototypes and significantly improve the engineering and design, to prototype, to production time frame.

The E-FAB PCM process maintains surface quality without producing surface burring or tool marks as compared to CNC machining. Metal properties and structure integrity of the alloys are maintained with the PCM process. Alloys such as: Kovar, nickel, brass, beryllium, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and others are included for PCM fabrication by E-FAB.

Thin metal parts can be formed and bent into complex shapes. Etched bend lines can be included into the part design so as to provide excellent metal facets for forming, shaping, and bending the parts into the final fabricated part design.

Traditionally, CNC machining and CNC milling has difficulty machining thin metal parts. With E-FAB PCM services and our engineering support team, a machine shop can solve the complex thin metal parts challenges using the PCM solution, at a fraction of a machine shop’s manufacturing cost.

E-FAB also provides engineering, manufacturing, design, and technical support services for all types of applications for military, defense, and in private sector industries.

Contact E-FAB for a quote on your thin metal parts jobs. Have a question? No problem; unique applications and designs are welcome.

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