E-FAB 2006 Christmas Party

Everyone enjoyed themselves at the 2006 Christmas Party

A time to relax, have fun, enjoy the company, and have some great food.

View the E-FAB Slide Show.

E-FAB provides Photo Chemical Machining, Photo Etching, and Photochemical Milling for a wide variety of industries. The process can very precisely etch lines and spaces all all types of of metals and alloys ranging from: kovar, nickel, brass, beryllium, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and others. Ideal for thin metal parts fabrication. Parts can also be bent into complex shapes. Sizes of the parts range from miniature to macro. Micro antennas and space fed lens antennas are just a couple of products that are ideally suited for production through the PCM process.

Here is an excellent overview of Photo Chemical Machining.

Contact E-FAB for all your photo chemical machining, etching, and precision chem milling today.

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