PCB Shields and Shielding: RF, RFI, EMI Covers, Lids, Cans & Cages

Custom Built RF RFI and EMI ShieldsShielding RF, EMI, and RFI Custom Thin Metal Shields Lids & Cans

RF EMI/RFI EMF precision shields for all printed circuit board shielding purposes and other electromagnetic interference reduction applications.

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Circuit Board Shielding

E-FAB is a manufacturer of precision thin metal shielding for all types of RF electronic applications. We have the manufacturing and engineering expertise to help you in custom designing your precision EMI/RFI lids and cans. E-FAB is able to produce shields for use in component spaces that require extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, where electronic component proximities are becoming much more critical to the capacitive, inductive, and magnetic functionality of the finished OEM products and RF applications.

EMI cans and cages are able to be fabricated and custom formed into complex shapes and designs, using various types of metals and alloys. EMI lids and covers can be designed to be easily removable, with built-in clip detents and/or dimples and/or holes in the cans for clipping the lids in place. See close up view of micro bumps for a more detailed example.

RFI and EMI custom shielding for a wide variety of on board PCB applications and other electronics shield requirements for OEM equipment. Contact E-FAB today for a shields quote.

Electromagnetic Shielding

If you are looking for circuit board electromagnetic shielding, cell phone and commercial radio communications shields, military equipment, aerospace products, microwave electronics assemblies and sub-assemblies, or any type of thin metal shield applications, we can fabricate them to your engineering specifications. Whether your requirements are for shielding screens and mesh, RF micro shielding, multi-level shields, enclosure shields, PCB EMI shields or large format circuit board shielding, E-FAB can build it for you.

Take a look how E-FAB’s photo chemical machining process can be a manufacturing process advantage for your electronic products and how it can save on your bottom line. The PCM process is ideal for precision photo chemical machining and photo etching of copper, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, tin, nickel, nickel silver, molybdenum, steel, stainless steel, spring steels, aluminum, magnetic alloys, and and other common and exotic materials.

E-FAB Circuit Board Stiffeners and Bus BarsIndustries served include: PCB (rigid, flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards), sculptured flex, aerospace, communications, computer, electronic, EMI technologies, hybrid circuits, Interconnect assemblies, laser, dental medical instrumentation, military, ordinance, optical, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID microwave antenna, stacked memory interconnect modules, solar, energy, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech technology OEMs.

Contact E-FAB today to get your electromagnetic shields built the right way. We offer prompt delivery, superior quality, prototypes, and development projects are always welcome. E-FAB, Inc. is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA at 1075 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, California.

Call E-FAB Toll Free: 800.600.3322.

We can help engineer and design your custom shielding parts. Call us for a free engineering consultation. Email, fax, or send us your prints, cad files, or hand drawings. We will be glad to work up a sales price quote for you. A note to all prototype engineers; E-FAB accepts all major credit cards.

Our phone hours are 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday. You can speak with a live person between those times.

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