Micro Contacts, Micro Bumps, & Switch Contact Points

Micro Bump Switch Contact Points

E-FAB has the capabilities to produce precision formed micro bumps for miniature switch contacts, IC test socket contacts, individual formed spring contacts (compliant set of contacts for multiple contact points on uneven surfaces), and other contact point applications.

IC Test Sockets

Pictured above is a grid array of micro contacts. Individual micro contacts can be manufactured to your specifications on individual circuit traces and pads to provide electrically isolated points. E-FAB contact points can be built at any point along a trace to provide the exact contact point location required for your application.

Micro Contacts on Traces

E-FAB Precision Formed Micro Contact Points on Individual Circuit Traces

With E-FAB’s precision photo chemical machining, and our micro bump forming process, we have the ability to produce precision bumps on various metals and alloys. Are you in need of a special application for bumps, miniature contact points, spring contacts on thin metal parts, or raised contact points on stand-alone trace circuits?

E-FAB can produce precision micro bumps for all types of applications. Micro bumps can be heat treated in order to provide hardened contact points. They can also be gold plated or plated with other types of metals or alloys. In addition to precision bump protrusions (contacts), if you need micro divots, cavities, depressions, or precision dimples in thin metal parts and circuit traces, E-FAB can do that too.

Contact E-FAB today with your engineering specifications and we can help design it for you.

Precision Formed Micro BumpsPictured on the left is a close-up view of the .005 inch (0.127 mm) diameter precision formed micro bumps. Micro bumps can be heat treated in order to provide hardened contact points. Contacts can be gold plated or plated with other metals in order to provide long lasting switch contacts. Applications for these micro bumps and/or micro dimples in thin metal parts, circuits, and OEM products abound, and only are limited by engineering imagination.

Contact our engineers with your engineering specifications and we can start manufacturing your precision parts today. E-FAB provides a wealth of engineering support and technical knowledge to help you plan for optimum parts designs.

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IC Test Socket Micro Bumps Contact PointsPictured on the right is the actual size (note this is not a thumbnail view) of the formed micro bump socket. With E-FAB’s precision photo chemical machining, photo etching, and micro chemical milling, capabilities we produce precision thin metal parts for a wide variety of technology applications and industries. When it comes to small thin metal parts fabrication or large format etched designs, E-FAB can build it for you.

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Industries Served by E-FAB

E-FAB provides thin metal parts, flex boards, and products for a diverse group of industries and applications including: military, medical, dental, optical, solar, energy, NASA, PCB industries (rigid, flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards), aerospace products, communications, computers, electronic equipment, EMI technologies, hybrid circuits, interconnect assemblies, laser, instrumentation, ordinance, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID, RF, microwave antenna, stacked memory arrays, interconnect modules, tactical, weapons systems, and other high tech OEM leading edge technology companies.

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